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Sens Allergy Free

Jotun SENS

The worlds first healthy paint Jotun Sens allergy free paint is like no other decorative paint range on the market. Open the can and you will notice that it has virtually no smell. This is because vapours have been reduced to the lowest levels ever achieved in an interior paint; Jotun Sens allergy free paint contains virtually no emanating harmful substances, making it one of the safest eco paints available today and the ideal choice for situations where health considerations are paramount.

With Sens allergy free paint air quality is preserved during application so a hospital can be painted without moving patients, a public building without the need to close it for days or weeks and a nursery can be painted for a soon-to-arrive baby.

Sens provides the same protection as an ordinary gloss or satin for woodwork, doors, windows and radiators so unless you want a very glossy finish Sens allergy free paint is the only paint you will need.


Sens Allergy Free paint is ideal when decorating a: Hospital ward, Care home, Waiting room, Nursery, Child's bedroom or Playroom, Resturant or anywhere where fumes or odours would be a problem.


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