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Exterior Timber

Demidekk Infinity

Demidekk Infinity is a waterborne exterior wood protection coating with very good colour stability, giving up to 12 years protection. Especially suited to to smooth woodwork such as windows, doors and guttering.

Demidekk Ultimate

Demidekk Ultimate delivers the definitive durable finish without compromising looks or the environment. A technically superb exterior paint, it boasts a maintenance cycle of up to 12 years while ensuring the same integrity & lustre throughout its long life.

Visir Clear Primer

A water repellent primer containing powerful fungicides to protect against wood rotting & surface moulds. It binds loose wood fibres and is used as a primer coat on bare softwood.

Butinox 1 5L

A high quality translucent exterior woodstain, giving extreme weather protection for up to 5 years. It contains oils that help reduce cracking, and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Butinox 2

An opaque solvent based woodstain for use outdoors on joinery, cladding, timber buildings and fences. It offers extreme weather protection for up to 5 years.

Butinox 3 (Futura)

Butinox 3 (Futura) is a superior water based opaque woodstain that provides up to 12 years protection with a primer.

Demidekk Translucent

A beautiful coloured translucent stain that can protect timber for up to 8 years. It enhances the natural beauty of wood, having a low build and low sheen finish, and contains anti-fungal agents & UV filters to ensure a finish that will look good for years!

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